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Brian Lai, Founder, BOCHA

22 March 2016

What is Cold Brew Coffee?

Coffee lovers are constantly looking for new ways to fill up on caffeine, which is why cold brew coffee has become the latest craze. While your first assumption might be that cold brew coffee is just iced coffee, this actually isn’t true. Curious as to what makes cold brew coffee differ from iced coffee?

Unlike coffee brewed the conventional way, cold brew coffee is brewed with either cold water or water that is room temperature for about a 12-24-hour period depending on the strength desired. Steeping the coffee this way is known to extract the most amount of robust flavor from coffee beans, thus producing a caffeinated beverage that is smoother, mellower, less acidic and more appeasing to the taste buds.

Why is cold brew coffee good for you?

Some studies have indicated that cold brew coffee could be healthier than traditional hot brewed coffee. Why? Well, because cold brew coffee does not contain bitter oils and fatty acids such as ketones. Since cold brewed coffee is less acidic, there is also no need to pour in added cream to cut the bite.

The concentrate that is produced by slow brewing with cold water can be quite strong. This is why most cold brew coffee drinkers prefer to dilute it with water before drinking. Typically, about equal parts coffee concentrate and water will deliver an energizing drink that tastes just right. Not to mention, you can drink cold brew coffee either on ice or steaming hot!

When it comes down to it, cold brew coffee isn’t just a fad or a trend. Many coffee drinkers are now looking at it as their new favorite way to fuel up without the additives. Want to make your own cold brew coffee at home?



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